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Whether you're looking for a matching bracelet or necklace for your best friend or sister, you're sure to find the perfect piece at Graceful Ami Permanent Jewelry. Our 14 k gold permanent jewelry won't come off or tarnish when wet. Since our items are clasp-free and welded together, the only way to remove your piece is by cutting it off. We guarantee our weld for 30 days. If it falls off at the weld before 30 days we will gladly reweld back on. If it is after the 30 days we will reweld for $20. We do not guarantee the chain from breaking. The weld is the only guarantee.

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Graceful Ami cannot fix jewelry that was not purchased at our store. If you have a piece of permanent jewelry from another welder please reach out to them for a reweld.

About Us

About our permanent jewelry

The weld is a sign of strength that no matter what happens you won't be broken. You are made of strength and beauty ready to sparkle through the day. You have been chosen, just as you choose your bracelet, to fight whatever battle comes your way. These bracelets are representations of real life the struggles, milestones and happiness we go through.

Our permanent jewelry has meaning and is great experience to give to yourself, a friend, family member, or a loved one. This is the perfect gift to give for any occasion you're looking to celebrate.

What exactly is permanent jewelry?
Using a quick and easy process, our masterful jewelers will create a bracelet of anklet that fits you perfectly! The chain is welded together, rather than fastened with a clasp, thus making it "permanent" until you choose to have it removed.

How can I remove my bracelet/anklet?
Your permanent bracelet/anklet can simply be removed by cutting with any pair of scissors.

How do I book an appointment?
Click "Book an Appointment" in the navigation bar of the website. Fill out the form and submit and we will be in touch with you soon!

How long does the appointment last?
Appointments only take about 30 minutes to complete, from the time you arrive to the time that you leave and set out to be seen in your new permanent bracelet or anklet!

What happens if my jewelry breaks or scratches?
We know accidents happen. Should any damage unfortunately happen to your permanent bracelet or anklet, contact us and we will have it fixed for you.

Will my permanent bracelet/anklet be able to go through airport security?
Absolutely! You will not be asked to remove fine jewelry when going through airport security. These permanent bracelets and anklets have had many interactions with TSA and have had no problems.

Will my bracelet/anklet be fine in water?
Our bracelets and anklets will survive being worn in the shower, by the pool, or at the beach. Contact with water or sunscreen will not blemish the jewelry.